5 Early Season Archery Hunting Tips for Mature Bucks

Tips for Early Season Archery Hunting

Early season archery hunting offers a setting that is often less pressured and more favorable in terms of weather conditions. However, with the changing behavior of deer and the turnover of food sources, it can also be a challenging time for bow hunters. To make the most of your early season archery hunting experience, it’s essential to be well-prepared and equipped with effective strategies.

Bow hunting deer during the early season has long been forgotten. The excitement of the rut is where many archery hunters focus their time. The misconception that you can’t harvest a mature buck early, leave early season archery hunting gets to only the diehards. On the contrary, early season bow hunting can prove successful if you use these 5 tips.

Scouting Leads to Early Season Archery Hunting Success

Effective scouting is the foundation of a successful archery hunting season. Before heading out into the field, spend ample time studying the terrain, identifying key feeding and bedding areas, and observing game movement patterns. Look for signs of recent activity, such as tracks, scat, and rubs. Pay attention to the food sources that are available during this time, as they can significantly impact deer movement. Utilize trail cameras to scout multiple areas and properties to hone in on the best place to start your bow hunting season.

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How Hunting Apps Keep Track of Scouting

Scouting is only as good as the information you are able to collect. More importantly, that information needs to be captured in a way it can be used. Use a hunting app like TrophyTracks to record observations and catalog trail camera pictures. Hunting apps like this allow you to add weather information to observations and images, making them more valuable when it comes time to use them. E-scouting is the name of the game. The more you put into it, the more successful your early season bow hunting will be.

Optimize Gear and Practice

Ensure that your archery equipment is in top-notch condition. Have your bow inspected and tuned by a professional. Also, don’t forget to practice regularly to maintain your shooting skills. Early season shots are often closer and require precision, so consistent practice is crucial.

Concealment and Scent Control

During the early season, vegetation is still abundant, and foliage can be dense. Utilize natural cover and terrain to your advantage while setting up treestands. Camouflage clothing that matches the surrounding environment is essential to stay hidden from approaching bucks. Equally important is scent control. Use scent-eliminating products and take measures to minimize your odor. In addition, choose clothing that can adapt to changing weather conditions like temperature so you can stick out cool mornings and hot afternoons.

Early Season Archery Hunting Locations

Early season archery hunting can be more productive in the vicinity of water sources, as animals will frequent these areas to quench their thirst in the warm weather. Additionally, focus on the transition zones between bedding and feeding areas, as deer tend to frequent these areas during their daily routines. Set up your hunting spot downwind of these locations to increase your chances of ambushing a daytime buck.

Bring the Deer Calls

Most bow hunters don’t even bring grunt calls with them during the first few weeks of bow hunting season. Doe bleats and grunt calls are effective early in the season. In fact, it is one of the best early season bow hunting strategies. The trick is to call softer and not overdo it. Deer will respond in curiosity to calling if you don’t blast it at them. Also, don’t grunt directly at a buck but instead use a grunt call to pique interest and bring him to your location.

To wrap up, early season archery hunting provides a unique chance for hunters to kick off the hunting season and capitalize on opportunities that may not be available in later months. By scouting diligently, optimizing gear and practicing, employing concealment and scent control, and strategically placing yourself you can significantly increase your chances of success. Embrace the challenges and rewards of early season bow hunting and make the most of October.

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