TrophyTracks: PRO

Our PRO features combine all relative hunt information from specific locations with current and future weather conditions.
This provides hunters the ability to be in the Right Spot, at the Right Time.

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Location-Based Pro Statistics

Select a pin to view location-based PRO statistics including average weather data, peak movement per hour, and the total number of location hunts, observations, and harvests. View all your hunts by location to dig deeper into trends with past movements, weather, and harvests.

Discover Patterns and Trends

Over time, your own personal observations combined with weather data can illuminate patterns and trends in animal movement to put you in the right spot at the right time.

Decide what the best times, days, and weather conditions are to hunt to be the most successful when hunting your best locations.

  • Every Hunt Matters

    The more you track, the more you get back. Probability statistics are based on past observations made for specific locations.

  • Plan for the Weather

    Look ahead the forecast for the best outcome. Temperature, wind speed, wind direction and humidity come factored in your probability.

  • Look Back on the Past

    View analytics on your past journal entries to identify trends and patterns.

Unlock Extra Journaling Features

Save unlimited photos to your TrophyTracks journal and have the ability to edit past journal entries. Being a PRO user allows you to analyze trends blended with weather information to make informed decisions. PRO statistics provide overall insights into hunter routines, animal observations, and harvests

Unlimited Photos

Showcase your full potential in the TrophyRoom.

Graphs and Analytics

Make sense of your past hunts through charts.

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