Key Journal Features

Welcome to TrophyTracks! TrophyTracks: A Hunter’s Journal offers a wide variety of features and tools that will certainly help to grow any hunter’s skills and abilities. Learn more about each new feature and how it can help propel your hunting adventures to never before seen levels of success. For information on How and Why to use TrophyTracks, please visit our Videos page.

Location Mapping

Save your Blinds, Food Plots, Stands or Trail Cams to the map as dedicated Pins. These are the locations you will connect to your future journals.


Real-Time Weather

Each Observation, Note or Harvest saves the exact weather conditions, wind speed/direction, barometric pressure, & humidity for every Journal entry.

Live Hunt Journal

Using TrophyTracks during a hunt will allow hunters to keep track of all observations, notes, photos, harvests, and weather information in real-time.

Historic Hunts

Add entries from all your historic past hunts, including accurate retroactive weather data, location mapping, images, observations and harvests.

Advanced Journal Filter

Easily locate past hunts and trophies by using the filter on the Journals page. Filter by keyword, location, date or date range, game, hunt style, or weapon to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The TrophyRoom

Save all trail cam images, food plot photos, harvests, or any other hunting photos in one place. Easily find related Journals via the image viewer for a deeper analysis of the record.


Detailed Journal Data

Each Journal highlights the date and time, sunrise/sunset, and moon phase. Users also have the ability to rename, change location, add new or forgotten entries, and edit all entries in a Journal.


Share Journal Information

Show off to friends and family with the brand-new Share Feature. Use an uploaded image or the one provided, and TrophyTracks will automatically add all relevant Journal information.


PRO Journal Features

Movement Probability

For Every pinned location, users can see a daily Probability of Movement Percentage based on Future weather forecasts and Past Journal data.


Observation Charts

Evaluate the impact that time and temperature, combined with wind speed and direction has on game movement.
Determine the peak number of observations recorded at specific times of the day. 

Future Weather Forecasts

Accurate forecasts for the upcoming seven days. For the initial three days, view forecasts in 4-hour intervals. For the next four days, a 24-hour forecast will be available. Access game Movement Probabilities based on the selected date and time.


Predictive Analytics

See how temperature, pressure, humidity, and wind will affect game movement on the Hunt Outlook tab. View how Past Journals relate to the current and future weather conditions via the Journal Value tab. Using these simple star graphs will allow you to find the right location, at the right time.


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