TrophyTracks is an app that will help hunters hunt smarter by putting them in the right spot at the right time. The key to a successful hunt is being prepared and unlocking the patterns in the animals you hunt.

Our journal platform designed to keep track of all useful information before, during and after you hunt. It will keep track of the day, time, geolocation, weather, sunrise/sunset, and moon phase automatically. The only thing a hunter will need to keep track of is the animal you observe in real time. You can also add useful information such as pictures, videos, voice memos and field notes. It’s amazing how much you remember by just writing down a few short details!

Over time, by keeping a good journal in the field and integrating with trail camera pictures, you can begin to see patterns in animal activity. Trophytracks is different than most hunting apps because it’s more than just a mapping tool or a way point marking tool. It is using data you feed it for predicting and suggesting the best days, times and locations to hunt.

There’s really 2 good reasons to keep a journal. The first is just for the aspect of remembering. It becomes a history of yourself and it may be something that can be passed down to future generations. The second comes back to the planning and predicting of your future hunts. Minimize the amount of time you have to spend in the woods and maximize your chances of success. Analyze trends in deer behavior blended with weather information and location provides background for decisions in the future.

There are 3 levels of data that are useful. The first type of data is useful to the hunter himself by predicting the location of game based on their own past hunts. The second is the aggregation of data across a region, it can be used by guides or hunters going to new areas. The last is data at large can be used by gaming commissions or state agencies that are performing research on populations of species and observations.

When it comes to hunting, chance prefers the prepared man. Preparation and a dose of luck are the key ingredients to success, but one thing is certain – by blending an understanding of deer behavior, interpreting the wind and learning the lay of the land a great game plan can be formulated. The end game is that you just might be in position to kill the trophy of your lifetime.