Clever Ways Hunting Apps Help You Shoot More Coyotes

4 Ways Hunting Apps Make You More Efficient Shooting Coyotes

Hunting apps are one of the most important tools for deer hunters, but predator hunters have only started to use them. Coyotes are elusive creatures, and to harvest one, takes elevated skills and efficiency. The best hunting apps have tools to do just that. Coyotes no longer have the advantage. You can be confident that using one of the best hunting apps will put you in the right spot, at the right time when chasing coyotes.

Hunting apps can be used in these 4 ways to shoot more coyotes. Mapping and weather tracking are the most important app features. Mapping allows you find areas for ambushing approaching coyotes while precise weather predictions help you plan setups more effectively. The other two ways apps for hunting give you an advantage when predator hunting is by recoding hunt observations and cataloging trail camera photos.

4 Clever Ways to Shoot More Coyotes Using Hunting Apps

Not every one of the free hunting apps on the market are going to give you the detail you need. Predator hunting success requires more than the basics. Make sure whatever hunting apps you use are providing the critical abilities to track, plan, and succeed in hunting coyotes.

TrophyTracks is one app for hunting where you can get a feel for the terrain, mark hunting locations, get detailed weather forecasts, note observations, and keep track of trail camera photos. With this app in your pocket, no coyote is safe.

Best Hunting Apps for Coyote Hunting

Terrain Dictates Coyote Hunting Success

The challenge with hunting coyotes initially is figuring out the best location to hunt. Terrain dictates your calling location and ultimately if you are successful. A good location is secluded enough to keep approaching coyotes guessing but open enough to get a shot at a distance.

Terrain also matters when it comes to wind. Coyotes have remarkable sense of smell. Wind currents, speed and direction, change in valleys, ridges, and draws so it is important to play the terrain and understand how air moves. The same holds true for sound. Sounds will carry further and differently depending on the topography you are hunting.

Finally, most free hunting apps provide aerial imagery that can be used to find areas coyotes travel. Creek bottoms, fence rows, and vegetation transition areas are the first places to drop a pin and scout for coyote sign.

Weather Changes and Wind Direction

Predators move more or less as the weather changes. Deep winter snows and heavy rain will force coyotes to reduce their movements and “hole” up. The best hunting apps provide detailed weather conditions and forecasts on the fly. You want to avoid wasting time hunting coyotes on extreme weather days. However, the hours or days after the rains recede or the snow starts to melt are prime times for predator hunting.

Specifically, wind plays as much of a part of success as does understanding the terrain. Predator hunters must study the current wind direction and speed while looking ahead to how it will change over time. Changing winds mean changing your calling positions and locations. Take advantage of apps for hunting to know the weather before and during your next coyote hunt.

For more on calling coyotes, Pure Hunting’s article on coyote calls and calling strategies is a great resource.

Scout and Track Observations

Scouting isn’t only for turkey and deer hunting. When you should be scouting for turkeys is a lot more defined than when you should scout for coyotes. As a predator hunter, you should be making observations in your hunting app regarding scat and tracks around transition areas (i.e. fence rows), which set up well for calling. Seeing a coyote crossing a field scouting is unlikely, but rather you can note scat and track observations for future reference. These notes can tracked over time in your digital hunting journal. The more observations the better the data and more successfully you will be hunting coyotes in the future.

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Trail Camera Surveying for Predators

Trail cameras have elevated hunting more than even hunting apps have. A trail camera scouts areas for you 24/7/365. Coyotes no longer can travel and prey at night without being detected. Game camera pictures can quickly survey a property when the images are stored and cataloged correctly. Patterns then develop quickly, and your most productive hunting spots start to unfold.

With one of the best hunting apps like TrophyTracks, you can combine the weather, observations, and photos to accurately track predator movements. The premium features go a step further and provide hunt analytics and unlimited photo storage. Both of which are important features to track coyotes the entire year.

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There is no substitute for a great predator call and a steady hand for taking the shot on a coyote. Neither one of those matter, however, if you are not in the right spot at the right time. Start with a free hunting app to see the advantage it can bring. You can shoot more coyotes if you know the terrain, understand the weather, and have advanced scouting to go off of. All these advantages are in your pocket thanks to hunting apps, which only help to make great calling and shot placement pay off.