Mastering the TrophyTracks Hunting App Pro Features

Why Utilize TrophyTracks Pro Features?

TrophyTracks Pro is designed to help you decide when to hunt based on the time, day, weather, and location. Hunters can analyze trends in animal movement and understand how the weather – temperature, wind direction, wind speed, barometric pressure, sunrise/sunset, and moon phase affect movement. The idea is to use all of this useful information to provide background for decisions you make for future hunts.

What is TrophyTracks Pro?

TrophyTracks Pro is loaded with statistics – overall insights into time spent in a location, times of the day you are making the most observations, the number of observations of each animal species, as well as harvest reports per location.

The Pro version of the hunting app makes it easy to dig deeper into any past hunting logs and allows hunters to edit past log entries. You can change the time of your observation, or change the count of animals observed in the observations section. Hunters can add any missed details by going to the map of their hunt and long-pressing on the map to add an observation, note, harvest, or photo.

Finally, with the Pro subscription, hunters can save unlimited images – allowing hunters to make comprehensive logs with all relevant information. It really makes the TrophyTracks hunting app your complete hunting journal.

How to Get Started with Pro

First, you can purchase a Pro subscription right in the app you already have downloaded and have been using for free. After purchasing the Pro subscription in the TrophyTracks hunting app, you are ready to start using all the additional features.

Saving a Location

To begin, go to the Pro screen and use the map to select a pinned location to retrieve all related hunts and statistics from that location. Recall to make and save a location pin, you can do this on the Trophytracks homepage by long-pressing on the map to add your stands, food plots, or blinds. When setting up your hunt, be sure to choose the location you’ve saved.

View Weather Information

View the current weather temperature, wind speed, and direction, as well as the sunrise and sunset. View your sightings and harvests by the hour in the bar graph below.

View the average weather information for that location, as well as a pie chart to depict how many observations occurred in that temperature range. Compare the current weather in the screen above to the average weather for all your past observations.

View Hunt Stats

View your Pro stats with the total time spent at the selected location, overall hunt count, number of observations, total animals spotted, as well as any harvests made in each location.

Location of Hunts

View all related hunts for that location. Click into these hunts to review any specific notes, each observation – the time and weather when you made it, see any pictures, and recall your harvests. You can also edit or add anything you’ve forgotten in the Hunt screen with the Pro subscription.

Digging deeper into the Location Hunt Details, as a PRO user, you can edit notes, observations, or harvests.

Long-pressing on the map allows hunters to add additional information or anything they missed the first time they made the log.

It’s Time to Harvest the Advantage!

To wrap up, Pro can be an extremely beneficial upgrade to your current hunting app. The features help any hunter regardless of if you are hunting deer, turkey, or any other game species. The advanced statistics and important weather information in the TrophyTracks Pro feature helps to provide trends and patterns for your personal hunting situations.  Upgrade to Pro today to place yourself in the right spot at the right time to harvest that trophy of a lifetime!

Thank you for hunting with us!

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