TrophyTracks | Why & How?


TrophyTracks | What Makes it a Different Hunting App?

TrophyTracks is different from other popular hunting apps that some hunters use today. Our app is a tool used to keep a personal hunting journal that documents everything observed while hunting or scouting. Users can keep track of locations, observations, harvests, notes, and upload relevant pictures as part of a scouting trip or hunt. Each time an entry is made, TrophyTracks will automatically add the pertinent weather details to the hunt. Temperature, wind speed, and direction, barometric pressure, as well as moon phases will be saved to the record. 

Most hunters interviewed are accustomed to using mapping tools during a hunt. While these tools are useful for many reasons, a map itself doesn’t tell the whole story and doesn’t do much for predicting game movements. TrophyTracks uses maps to indicate the locations of hunts, mark tree stands, blind positions, food plots, trail cams, and more.  The maps in our hunting app are used along with GPS coordinates to mark all observations, harvests, and any notes that are created. By combining observations and harvests in relation to the location and weather information, TrophyTracks paints a clear picture of animal movement.

Why Build a Hunting App like TrophyTracks?

The ultimate goal is to figure out what locations are producing the best results. By analyzing observations and patterns of movement, TrophyTracks can place a hunter in the right place, at the right time. The use of this data and being able to document historical observations in a simple, straight-forward way puts the power of better hunting in the palm of your hand.  

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The Art of Memory!

Hunters can remember and recall what was seen and what was done in the form of personalized journals and log entries. It’s something to look back on, day to day, week to week, and year to year. TrophyTracks creates a solid collection of the locations hunted, observations made, and the memories created.

It is also defining a hunter’s legacy. Something that will be cherished and passed down to new generations of hunters.  Many outdoors-men would love to see what their great-grandfathers did back in the mid-1900s. Why not start making those memories now, better late than never! 


Statistics, Statistics, Statistics!

The more information a hunter logs, the more statistics they will have, creating a more detailed game plan for future hunts. At the basic level, we provide stats on the number of days hunted, sightings per location, weather information, and how that relates to the movements of animals.

TrophyTracks will also offer predictive analytics. Phew, those are some big words! What they mean is this: We can take real-life observations, match them with the current weather patterns, and then use future weather forecasts to predict when those perfect days will occur. As well as which locations will produce the most observations while taking into consideration the time of the year, the time of day, and what game is being hunted.

We hope everyone enjoys TrophyTracks! The upgraded interface is wonderful, the data we are keeping track of is super-important for memory and future success. At the end of the day, we want to help all hunters hunt smarter by placing them at the right spot, at the right time!


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