Spring Turkey Hunting Tips | Opening Day Gobbler Hotspots

Spring Turkey Hunting Tips: First Morning Gobbler Locations

Deer own the fall and turkeys own the spring. Spring gobbler season marks a fresh start and a long awaited goodbye to winter. It is an exciting time. Gobblers can be heard from ridge top to farm fields all across the country. Among the many spring turkey hunting tips, the best locations for opening morning often get overlooked. Considering these first morning spots will have you filling your spring turkey tag before breakfast.

The start of spring gobbler season, particularly the first morning, is the best chance of killing a mature bird. As the season progresses, birds get smart and become less inclined to be induced by your turkey calls. The best spring turkey hunting tips are not related to calls or turkey hunting strategies but rather location. Turkeys are abundant in spring and can be found in many different habitats. However, not all locations are equally productive on opening day.

Best Locations for Opening Day Gobblers

These three locations should be the focus of your preseason turkey scouting. Likewise, these places are your best bets to deploy your turkey hunting strategies on opening day.

Cut Them Off at the Edge

Forest edges are great places to look for turkeys in the spring. Turkeys will forage for food in open fields and then return to the safety of the woods to roost. The transition zone between the forest and the field is a great place to set up your hunting blind and call for turkeys.

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Target Food Sources

Turkeys are often attracted to agricultural fields, particularly those with crops such as corn, soybeans, and wheat. They will feed in winter wheat fields and pick through harvested corn and soybean fields in the spring. These fields often attract groups of hens with gobblers in tow.

There are many spring turkey hunting tips to use when hunting agricultural fields such as using different Honey Hole turkey calls, multiple decoy setups, and hunting during bad weather. Pressured gobblers particularly will come to agricultural fields during bad weather to feed and look for unsuspecting hens.

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For more on how to hunt turkeys in different weather patterns, take a look at 3 Weather Patterns in Turkey Hunting Season Where Gobblers Go Nuts.

Creek Bottoms for Big Birds

Creek bottoms are another great place to hunt turkeys on opening day. These areas provide food, water, and cover for turkeys, making them ideal habitats. In addition, they provide one of the best ambush locations for setting up in spring gobbler season.

Creek bottoms do not have to be large drainages. In fact, small springs in mountain hollows are usually hotspots for spring birds.

Bonus Spring Turkey Hunting Tips for Opening Day

Now you have the best opening day locations for spring gobbler season its time to harvest one. Opening day is your best chance for a mature bird. As the season lengthens, birds become less active and more suspicious of your turkey calls. These four spring turkey hunting tips will make sure you put one down on the first day.

  •  React to the Birds – Spend the first morning listening. Let the birds tell you what they are doing. Over calling at daylight and getting to close without proper preseason scouting can bust your whole spring season.
  • Stick with Hen Decoys – Early in the year, gobblers haven’t started to fight for position. A single hen decoy is often your best bet on opening day for that gobbler just getting in the mood.
  • Focus on Prime Areas – The best locations should be your first thought. Forest edges, agricultural fields and creek bottoms are sure things on the first morning.
  • Get Aggressive – Because its early, some birds may be reluctant to come right in. Take advantage of terrains and locations to move on a hung up gobbler. Closing the gap even a little can be all it takes for that bird to make the last move into your setup.

In conclusion, the spring is a great time to hunt turkeys, and there are many great locations to do so. Whether you prefer hunting in forests, fields, or creek bottoms, there is a location that will meet your needs. One the of best spring turkey hunting tips is to use all your preseason scouting information, your TrophyTracks hunt logs, and focus on these locations for opening day.

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