How to Choose the Right Hunting Gear

Choosing the Right Hunting Gear for Any Hunt

Having the right hunting gear can make the difference between coming home empty-handed and coming home with a trophy. Since we’re constantly bombarded with ads from hundreds of new trends, it’s difficult to pick out what type of hunting gear you really need and what’s worth your money.

You can make it easier on yourself by keeping a few key factors in mind when buying hunting gear. In this article, we’ll be breaking those factors down.

Choose High-Quality Clothes and Footwear (and Be Ready to Pay the Price)

When it comes to clothing, not only is it important be camouflaged to stay hidden, it’s also important to stay warm and dry. You won’t remember your hunting trip in a good light if you get pneumonia, will you?

You can keep track of the weather with TrophyTracks. This allows you to dress accordingly, but there’s always a chance of bad weather coming out of nowhere.

In case that happens, you’ll be happy you bought that waterproof jacket and pants. Admittedly, high-quality waterproof clothing usually comes at a steep price, but this is something that you’ll have to accept if you want to hunt comfortably. The same thing can be said for footwear. If you’re hunting in a particularly rocky region, you’re going to need the right hunting boots that won’t wear you down.

You can use your previous TrophyTracks hunt logs to know exactly what to prepare for. The app will not only put you in the right spot but also help you have the right hunting gear.

Keep Store Warranties and State Regulations in Mind When Buying Weapons

There are different laws and regulations across different states in the US regarding when, where and what you can hunt. In addition, there are explicit rules related to which weapons you’re allowed to use (mainly referring to caliber).

how to choose the right hunting gear

So, if you’re going whitetail deer hunting in Florida, you need to abide by Florida regulations and only use the calibers you’re allowed to. The same would be true for any state you plan to hunt.

In regards to warranties, there are many retailers that offer a warranty on the weapon and other hunting gear you’re buying. There are also instances where the manufacturers themselves offer a warranty no matter where you buy the weapon.

It’s highly recommended that you buy firearms with warranties. You never know if you might be buying a faulty firearm.

A store with a return policy is always the best choice. Even the best hunting gear can have issues. Warranties and return policies are important considerations when choosing the right hunting gear.

Don’t Forget to Buy the Must-Have Hunting Gear

There are a few things you always have to keep in your hunting backpack when you’re going afield. Most importantly; a knife, a first-aid kit, a flashlight, water, and a map – these are the essentials you’ll need in case something goes wrong.

A map is often overlooked as we’re all relying on the GPS to keep us in check. Using an app like TrophyTracks to map out your food plots, trails, or treestands is great, but what if your phone dies? Carrying a paper map is very useful in case you find yourself in this circumstance.

In a worst-case scenario that we hope doesn’t occur – this stuff could save your life, which is why it should always be in your pack.

Right Hunting Gear = Better Hunts

Choosing the right hunting gear makes every hunt more enjoyable. High-quality clothing and footwear plus the must-have hunting essentials only enhances your outdoor experience. Finally, the right hunting weapon has to be one with the protection of warranty and one that is legal to use in the state or states you are hunting. Consider all these factors when choosing the right hunting gear to make you better in the woods.

Guest Post by Brady Kirkpatrick, owner of GunMade.

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