Author: Phil Manning

A lifetime outdoorsman with over 7 years of experience in data science who is looking to reinvent hunting apps with advanced analytics.

When Should You Start Scouting for Turkeys?

January is the best time to start scouting for turkeys. Starting months before spring turkey season gives you the edge on mature gobblers.

3 Ways a Hunting App Makes You Better on Opening Day

Using a hunting app on the first day of bow hunting season will make you a better hunter. Track weather, keep hunting logs, and e-scout with your mobile hunting app.

4 Ways to Win in Early Bow Season Using Hunting Apps

Early bow season is often dismissed by many archery deer hunters. Don’t make that mistake. Use your hunting apps to have a successful first few weeks.

Tips to Prepare for Deer Season: Note from the Field

Things to Prepare for Deer Season Now As the heat and humidity gripped most of the country over the last week, there was a barely audible voice in my head. That voice said it will be alright. Alright because archery season is only a few short weeks away for most hunters across the country. With […]

Hunting Apps and Reasons You Should Be Using Them

Hunting apps allow you to easily track your hunts and decide when to go deer hunting giving you the advantage and making you a smarter hunter.