How to Get Started Using the TrophyTracks Hunting App

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TrophyTracks Hunting App

Quick Start Guide for Using the TrophyTracks Hunting App

The TrophyTracks hunting app is unlike any other hunting app out there. It is unique in the sense that there is nothing to download. That’s right, nothing to download. Track hunts, add notes, record observations all in one place to help you hunt smarter. Most importantly, your data is your data and is kept private to you. So how do you start using the TrophyTracks hunting app now that hunting season is upon us? Follow the quick start guide below to get started today.

TrophyTracks is a Hunting App But…

TrophyTracks is a newly developed hunting app. The app allows you to track all aspects of your hunts (or scouting trips). You can document field notes, add observations, record harvests and check valuable pieces of data such as weather. In addition, the on-going development of TrophyTracks will add predictive capabilities in the future. These features will help you decide the best days, times and locations to hunt. Best of all, your data remains your data and is not shared with anyone. Indeed, features unique to TrophyTracks and tools that will help you hunt smarter all the way from early bow season to the last day in the woods.

Besides the technology being designed and developed within TrophyTracks, it is unique in that there is nothing to download. The app runs from a web browser on any device. TrophyTracks is designed to be used on your mobile phone, however, it can be accessed from any device you choose. Absolutely an advantage if you want to add historical notes and observations on an easier platform such as a laptop.

There is nothing to download from the “App Store”. It all functions in a web browser like Google Chrome. Once you log in, everything looks and feels like a traditional app without all the overhead. At this time, let’s discuss the steps to getting started.

Where to Begin as a New User

The first step to start is to go to the main TrophyTracks website. This is your portal to the app. You will sign in and use the app through our website. Once you register, you can also add a button on your phone for quick access that will take you right to the app for logging your hunting activity.

Step-by-step Guide to Getting Started

Below is the step-by-step guide to getting started using TrophyTracks the hunting app. The process is simple and fast and you will be logging hunts in a matter of minutes. If you are having trouble, please reach out to us through our support team, and we will get you up and running quickly.

Step #1

Navigate to

Step #2

Click SIGN IN from the navigation menu

getting started with TrophyTracks

Step #3

Click the LOG IN button to start registering or to log in to an existing account

TrophyTracks Hunting App Log in

Step #4

Register or sign in using an existing Google account or by creating an account with your email and a password.

Log in with TrophyTracks

Step #5

Start logging your hunting activity!

logging hunts with TrophyTracks hunting app

To wrap up, the TrophyTracks hunting app offers a unique experience compared to the competition. The design of the app provides a seamless user experience while adding many important features to improve your hunting experiences. Sign up today and start hunting smarter.


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